Duty of Candour – Oct23

Our professional duty of candour to our patients to be open, honest and transparent if things go wrong.


Our mission is to provide first class optical care to all our patients, old and new. We have over 25yrs of optical experience within our team which we use day to day providing a personal service, with the help of modern techniques/equipment for diagnosis of eye conditions to the latest innovations in frames, lenses and contact lenses.


Our team have discussed and understood our duty of candour protocol should any adverse incident occur, namely what we do if something goes wrong for a patient. This includes documenting the issue, identifying the incident to a responsible team member, and resulting investigation if necessary

Incidents reported:- NIL

Action Taken:-

We confirm no incidents occurred and no resulting action was needed

Learning Outcomes:-

We will continue as a team to monitor our performance and strive to provide a high level of service to our patients, and should we fall short of our aim resulting in an adverse outcome for the patient we will follow our Duty of Candour procedure in accordance with our peer bodies (GOC/NHS)


Mr Keith Lutton


Dated:- 31/10/2023