We have an extensive range of frames to suit all styles and budgets for all age groups. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive pair of spectacles or a high fashion designer frame, we can meet your needs.

We also stock some of the top designer brands such as: Ray-Ban; Versace; Vogue; Jaeger; LK Bennett; Jaguar; CAT; O’Neill; eyewear.

Our complete spectacles start from just £59 for private patients and glasses are completely free to eligible NHS patients. We also welcome prescriptions from other opticians and can even reglaze your own frames with your new prescription on our new digital remote edge system – this means we can let you wear your own glasses until the lenses arrive in store and they can be transferred in minutes.


Designer Brands


We use the highest quality lenses to meet your individual requirements. We can supply:

Single Vision:

Starting from our standard range of uncoated lenses progressing up to the thinnest and lightest lenses to ensure comfort and optimum appearance.


Traditional 2 in 1 lenses incorporating a “lined” segment for distance and reading for those patients who prefer the convenience of 1 pair of glasses rather than swapping glasses on and off throughout your day.


Varilux branded varifocal lenses which offer the widest field of vision to meet your everyday needs. One pair of multifocal glasses enables you to see for reading, driving, browsing, shopping, do sports and more, without the inconvenience of carrying separate pairs.


Transitions lenses adapt to your lifestyle. They adjust from clear indoors to dark outdoors and everything in between. No matter where you are, or what situation you’re in, Transitions lenses adapt to the perfect shade so you see well. They don’t just make everything look great, they also reduce eye fatigue and strain, while blocking 100% of UVA/UVB light.

Thin and light:

Many of us wear our glasses all day. We want to feel comfortable while looking good. Thus we offer ultra-thin and light lenses.

Who can benefit from thin & light lenses?

  1. Patients with higher prescriptions who want to minimise lens thickness
  2. Farsighted (plus) prescriptions – to reduce magnification and improve your eyes’ appearance
  3. Patients who want rimless or semi-rimless frame styles
  4. Anyone who wants a thinner, flatter lens for better vision and appearance
  5. Patients who are attracted to advanced technology

Additional services:

  • UV coated prescription sunglasses
  • Anti-reflective hard coating with 2 year anti-scratch guarantee